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Who the heck is David Hurst?

I am an associate professor of English at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. I received my MFA in Creative Writing at CSUFresno which has one of the best such programs around. Additionally, I received a certificate of Advanced Studies in Composition and it is hard to say which is more my passion, poetry or composition theory.

My poetry has appeared in the online and print journals Arsenic Lobster, In the Grove, and hardpan as well as in the anthology Riffing On Strings (see the sidebar for more on that).

Picture of my BMW

I live in Clovis, Ca with my wife, three cats, a dog and some koi. Various grown children wander in and out as finances allow. I commute to work each day on my 2006 BMW R1200RT, a fine machine to which I'm very attached.

updated 17 august 2008
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