by david hurst

My Course Overviews

Puente Courses

I use essentially the same framework as the course overviews below, however the Puente Project has a built-in community that pairs students with mentors, a counselor dedicated to the project, and one-on-one attention to your writing and life skills. See the right side-bar for additional information.

English 251

English 251 is the course to prepare students for the rigors of English 1. It is designed to walk step by step through the process of writing and to give students practice in good writing basics. My course is designed around Latino social and cultural readings that speak to real issues — issues we all face, actually. There is a lot of reading and a lot of writing because that is how to get better and more confident at both those activities. The course can also be enjoyable and entertaining; what it becomes is in students' hands, I'm just the facilitator.

English 1

English 1 is the college-level writing course all college students must pass or test beyond for most degrees. It is transferable to any four-year college and is the prerequisite for all advanced degrees. So, the goals and expectations of the class are that you gain mastery of college-level writing and develop the components of critical thought. Here is how this class will help you attain these goals: we will read a lot each week (again, the readings are all drawn from Latino issues in the real world we live in and some are difficult readings and some are easy); we will spend a considerable amount of class time discussing the readings; we will also write every week; we will share our writing the same way we share the readings. My job is to facilitate the learning process, to give you the materials and present the concepts you need to begin to master college writing.

English 1 Web-Enhanced

My Web Enhanced courses are designed to develop some of the basic skills necessary for the technology of modern college courses, many of which are taught partly or completely on-line. The "Web Enhancement" introduces certain skills that are unique to on-line learning and which augment even traditional classroom skills. Familiarity with computer technology, on-line course management systems, and effective on-line research strategies are all introduced in this course. The curriculum retains the same focus and rigor as the above overviews, but some of the assignments are shifted to on-line work.

English 2

English 2 is an advanced English course for the skills necessary to craft complex arguments and further sharpen your critical thinking skills. My course is organized around real-world decision-making: the world around us is filled with unwritten expectations and assumptions. We are increasingly bombarded by ever more sophisticated advertising, political messages, news stories and other media that may or may not contain factual content and which may only exist to convince us to do, buy, or believe something. Learning to read the unspoken assumptions, messages, and values in the world around us keeps us in charge of our own lives and empowers us to choose our own future.

English 2 Online

My On-line English 2 is the same as above, only much harder. For advanced writers and self-motivated learners, this can be a good course to take from home. I urge all students thinking of on-line work to contact me first for the syllabus and course outline and other information.

Please check my English 2 Online Overview page for more details.

updated 17 august 2008
d hurst