by david hurst

English 2 Online Course Overview

This page has both general information on Mr Hurst's Online English 2 as well as some information and links to help you assess whether you are ready for a fully-online class and/or whether fully-online instruction would be the right fit for you. Please read through all the information to decide if this course will fit your needs and skills.

Is Fully-Online Instruction a Good Fit For You?

The links below will give you some idea if fully-online is something that will work for you.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum hardware, software and skills requirements.

Self-Assessment Quizzes from Cerro Coso College:

The Student Skills Quiz assesses the student mindset and skills for online success.

The Technical Skills Quiz assesses computer and online-related skills.

Self Assessment Quiz from Los Medanos College:

Similar to the above quizzes, this Online Courses Quiz is short and asks slightly different questions.

Is the Course a Good Fit For You?

The English 2 Coursemap will give you a very brief overview of the course theme and approach.

Check out the generic Course Syllabus. The actual syllabus may vary somewhat, but the general information will be the same.

Compare prices on the course text, Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use Of Reason in Everyday Life -- Kahane -- ISBN 0-534-62604-1

More Information

The COS Distance Education Page has a lot of information, including definitions of the various types of distance ed available as well as an Online Learning Readiness Inventory. This page can answer technical questions too, such as how to log in to Blackboard, access student email, etc.

updated 03 december 2008
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